Introduce your toddlers to a world of vibrant learning with our Montessori Toddler Educational Carrot Wooden Toy. This captivating toy features three amusing farming themes ? harvest carrots, pool fishing, and worm catching. The set includes 1 fishing rod, 1 clip, 5 bees, 2 orange carrots, 2 white carrots, 2 green carrots, 1 wooden base, and a beautifully packaged box.

Crafted from natural pine wood with water-based paint, this toy is 100% safe for toddler girls and boys. The green leaf of the carrot is made of felt, ensuring a harmless and engaging playtime. The holes of different sizes in the colorful wooden toy encourage cognitive development, while the fishing rods enhance motor skills.

Key Benefits and Features:

Educational and Sensory: The wooden toy promotes color recognition, eye-hand coordination, and dexterity. The vibrant design with various colors and shapes enhances sensory development.

Interactive Fun: Ideal for parent-child interaction, this Montessori toy is a perfect gift for birthdays, Children’s day, Christmas, Halloween, and other occasions. Strengthen the bond with your child through engaging play.

Early Development: Designed for early development, this toy fishing radish board game helps kids recognize colors, shapes, and sizes. The cute farm land pattern and magnetic bee game improve color cognition and stimulate imagination.

Safe and Durable: Made from non-toxic materials, this Montessori toy ensures a smooth and safe surface for your toddler to explore. The water-based paint and natural pine wood guarantee durability.

Versatile Learning: The toy’s design encourages hand-eye coordination, visual perception, and creativity. Foster your child’s curiosity and interest in the world through the engaging activities of planting, harvesting, and more.

Make learning a joyous adventure with our Montessori Toddler Educational Wooden Toy. Watch as your child’s eyes light up with excitement and curiosity, making every moment a delightful exploration. Order now and give your toddler the gift of colorful and educational playtime!

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